$100 per night*(on top of subsidies from the Israeli government).

Stolen home by illegal settlers

Occupied West Bank.


Whole House

8 Guests

4 Beds

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About this listing

Come stay at an illegal settlement built on stolen Palestinian land. This stolen home comes with views of the Apartheid Wall. You may hear occasional gunfire from the Israeli Occupation Forces firing zone, which recently replaced a destroyed Palestinian village nearby.

The Space

Accommodates: 8 (non-Palestinian)

Bedrooms: 4

Property Type: Illegal settlement


Palestinian-free views

Swimming pool (filled with stolen aquifer water)

Stolen olive trees

Private roads

Jerusalem Stone

Armed Guards

Barbed Wire

Electrified Fences, to give that real “secure” feeling


For non-Palestinians: 100 dollars per night *(on top of subsidies from the Israeli government).

Cost to Palestinians in the West Bank: Stolen Home. Lost freedom.



Stay at your own vacation rental, located in an illegal settlement and in violation of international law. Support structural discrimination and theft of Palestinians’ land. Through fees earned from settlement vacation rentals, you will also help Airbnb profit from the continuing occupation and dispossession of Palestinians.

The Neighbourhood:

This home is located in an illegal Jewish-only settlement. These settlements are built by Israel on Palestinian land it has occupied since 1967, and are considered illegal under international law.

The space:

The stolen home includes views of the West Bank Apartheid Wall.

Guest Access:

Access is for non-Palestinian guests only. Guests with Arab-sounding names will be subject to additional scrutiny by settlement security.

House rules

All those would could be perceived as Arabs must be accompanied by armed guards while in the Settlement, for their own protection.






  • You illegal settlers would make 20th century fascist dictators proud! Give the Palestinians their land back!

  • I wish the Palestinians could just have their own land. After what the Jews have gone through they, of all people should have understanding. Just give them their land! Airbnb should have some basic concept of Human Standards. Let’s all go occupy somebody’s home and then make a profit renting it out? It’s just stealing.

  • Why on Earth would anyone want to stay in a walled compound in a war zone anyway?

  • Palestinians are the lost tribe and your killing them.

  • This listings should not be on Airbnb.

  • The lack of compassion is inhuman!

  • No home stolen would be acceptable.

  • Hang on, this property is on stolen land in the Occupied Territories? What? I mean, do you even ethics bro?

    I love AirBnB when I travel, but means I am more likely to use another service because I can’t condone this.

  • I will never again use Airbnb, if this is how they conduct business! No one should profit off the suffering of others. There’s a consequence for that, and it’s called karma.

  • Great deal…. I hear it even comes with cheap desperation labour

  • About the host, Airbnb

    Last year alone Airbnb made almost $1 billion in revenue, and Airbnb is worth a whopping $24 billion. Yet, Airbnb continues to make a profit from homes located in illegal housing settlements in occupied territory.